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Manning the carvery at Casterly Rock

How do you feel when you read the phrase, ‘popover vest’? Pretty hot right? Gets you going doesn’t it? Admit it, you think popover vest and you want one. You want one hard, you want one on you, you want one real bad.

I’m glad you feel this way. I suspect most do not – the pop-over vest just being another thing to blindly scroll past while shopping for Pharrell Williams trainers. But as humdrum as they might initially appear, the pop-over vest can be a pretty transformative piece.

A couple have caught my eye recently, one from ts(s) in chalk stripe wool (above) and the other by Monitaly (top) in a more utilitarian khaki cotton poplin. You’ll notice left shoulder openings on both these pieces, with the Monitaly version also offering a side zip, enabling even those robust of torso to comfortably negotiate wear.

Either of these models, tossed over a plain long-sleeved tee would turn heads. In the ts(s) business stripe you’re an android rep for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. In the Monitaly you’re manning the carvery at Casterly Rock. Either way you win.

There’s something about not having buttons down the front that gives these things an unnerving formality. The round neck too. You’d be all buttoned in, all uptight and starchy. But, I think, in a good way. A way that suggests you’re thoughtful and inquisitive, a man at home in his own mind. Even if you’re really wishing you’d spent the money on a pair of Pharrell’s clown kicks.

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