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An extra in your own life

Everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to standing out. Too gaudy? You’re self-aware, everyone’s checking you out, you feel like a dick. But too subtle (and regular readers will surely get this) you’re an extra in your own life; you’re background noise;… Read More

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An orgy of fabric

This pattern looks like the curtains in a 70’s suburban key party. What acts did it’s forebearers witness? A pair of middle-aged moustaches frotting a fatigued librarian? A couple of mums coerced into toying? An Alabama Hot Pocket? Of course there’s nothing literally retro about… Read More

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Aye, pet…

Yesterday we looked at a ts(s) popover vest and we’re back with the brand today with this overcoating savagery. Principally it’s just a roomy, sandy, nylon mac. But with ‘Northumberland detective’, specifically Brenda Blethyn’s Vera, one of menswear’s most overlooked influences, this fits the bill… Read More