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Aye, pet…

Yesterday we looked at a ts(s) popover vest and we’re back with the brand today with this overcoating savagery. Principally it’s just a roomy, sandy, nylon mac. But with ‘Northumberland detective’, specifically Brenda Blethyn’s Vera, one of menswear’s most overlooked influences, this fits the bill perfectly. I can’t count the amount of emails I’ve had from readers frustrated by their inability to find the right coat to best channel a cantankerous but calculating fictional middle-aged woman. I am relieved I can finally offer the solution.

What takes this amazing jacket beyond even Vera, are the corduroy details. They really are beautifully applied – check the button placket and most effectively, surrounding the pockets. It’s just an extremely handsome coat. It’s handsome. That’s the only word for it.

At a push, another word might be ‘expensive.’ You’re looking at £362, plus the inevitable proxy service charge and postage from Japan. Hardly trivial for most of us. Although perhaps not such an issue for Northumberland’s most style savvy Detective Chief Inspector.

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