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Colourful, yes. Guts, also yes

I reckon this beast is unlikely to see much love from a western retailer. Upping the game with hand painted gibberish, this jacket from Japanese brand Bru Na Boinne is  a niche within a niche. As much as I can fathom, it’s covered in daubings of human innards. Colourful, yes. Guts, also yes.

I don’t have a problem with entrails per se, I guess I tend to prefer them out of sight, inside my carcass, keeping me pumping away, sipping pints and opening fag packets. Irrespective of their artistic representation, I’m not mad on being reminded I’m just one clogged artery away from collapsing on the pavement drooling, as guys in better trainers than me gather to remark on my final outfit.

This thing’s got an assortment of antique buttons too. Although you’d be forgiven for missing that, been as they’re somewhat dominated by bright pink hearts, half a rib cage and spools of party-popper viscera.

It’s not for me this. I’m not knocking the artistic skill. I’m just not comfortable walking about like Matt Groening’s Doctoring for Dummies.

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