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I’ve no business writing about these

I know I shouldn’t. I know I should look away. I hardly even wear baseball caps. I just like the idea that you could be wearing a pretty subdued get-up (a bunch of denim, maybe some navy ripstop) then you add this and immediately you’ve got a party going on. Specifically on, your head. There’s something about the rampant ugliness, the downright mess of these that makes me want to get to know them better. Although, whether you’re comfortable hosting a party on your head is something you need to consider very seriously before reading on.

itten cap.001

No question, to western eyes there are  80’s hair metal association with heavily bleached denim. Associations both laughable and impudently unfashionable. I just don’t think these are about fashion per se. They’re just blatant and highly noticeable, and while I’m no fan of overt logos, the Itten badge (again from a western perspective) is at least next to unknown. I suspect a dude could get away with this without looking like he’s brand pimping.

itten cap.002

Grab one over at Digital Mountain if the interest takes you. They’re around 70 quid, which seems pretty reasonable to me; when you take into consideration the leather trim and the western rarity. I would expect a bunch of people to think you look like a dick though. Particularly, if like me, you’re over a certain age. You could argue I’ve got no business wearing one of these and even less spending time writing about them.

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