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Like an estate agent who’s customised a Uniqlo blazer with his mum’s Singer

So, Comme des Garçons Homme comes to End in force. It seems few brands are immune to the lure of the giganto e-warehouse with the imperceptible personality. End has no personality? Oh come on. Any retailer stocking Beams and Human Made in the mix with Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent is going to have a personality crisis. Patagonia and Rick Owens? Fred Perry and Off-White? Marcelo Burlon’s rock carnival of the grotesque and anything sane?

Not sure End care a fat lot. They clearly want to be all things to all dudes. And now they’ve got the obsuro-CDG-side-brand customer in their sights.


Not convinced by this piece. I dislike two button jackets for a start and while I’ve got a soft spot for camo, I’m just not sure… well, that it looks that good basically. Look at the dude above, that thing is wearing him. It’s too tight. He’s all buttoned up. Go out like that and your adherence to ‘statement dressing’ would drip from you like warm margarine. ‘Try hard’ is probably the phrase I’m looking for.

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Yet I adore Comme des Garçons. And I usually find the Homme range just on the wire between interestingly wearable and absurdist mono-sleeved theatrics. This season, the Homme Plus mainline riffed artfully (if unwearably) off notions of warfare, here we have a more literal blazer with camo on it. It really should be my thing. I just keep coming back to that buttoned up dude in the pic. He doesn’t look like a Comme man. He looks like an estate agent who’s customised a Uniqlo blazer with his mum’s Singer.


  1. One of those odd pieces that looks really nice, until he’s wearing it. I agree that it looks pretty bad on him, but then the detail shots have my interest spiking again. Is it legit to buy garments solely for display purposes?

    • Mr Brown

      @Well Dressed Dad. Tommy Roberts used to say ‘it’s a nice thing, a nice thing.’ Schmutter’s a thing in my books.

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