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Two weeks is a long time in exorbitantly priced casualwear

Just back from two weeks in the States. While I was there, I finally got the chance to hit-up some key stores (Nepenthes, Gentry, Union…) in a non-digital, strictly actual sense. As a Brit who worships these outlets from afar, it was virtually religious – I’ll drop the pics and knowledge soon. But for now, I’ll get back to the grind with this fresh drop over at Garbstore.


Three Animals? Heard of them? Me neither, but it turns out I’ve been sleeping on them since 2011. Design-wise they blend Chinese and French perspectives, while all garms are manufactured in China – forcibly combating the perception that ‘Made In China’ = tat. Check out the look-books over on the brand site if you like, but I’m totally focused on this shirt.


It’s organic cotton, which is all smart and eco. But it’s the design details that really insist on the cop. Personally, I’d leave that top button undone, and I’d unshackle one or two of those hem buttons too. It’s that hem detail that makes it. Zipped hem detail has been on point for time, but buttons, and white, contrast buttons at that… this is a savage piece right here.

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You go AWOL for a couple of weeks and suddenly Garbstore are stocking new brands and fucking button hemmed shirts are a thing? Evidently two weeks is a long time in exorbitantly priced casualwear.

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