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A look inside: Gentry, Brooklyn, NYC

If you’re ever looking to spot the absolutely stereotypical hipster in the wild (you know, the type  glossies commission cartoony illustrations of when they’re rolling out another style tribes feature) head to Williamsburg NYC. I’ve never seen so many beards, tattoos, baseball caps, skinny, rolled up jeans, Vans and fixie bikes in one place. Forget east London. I’m not sure you can legally enter Williamsburg, Brooklyn or Bushwick unless you’re wearing a vintage AC/DC T-shirt overprinted with a random neon word like ‘feel’ or ‘believe’. Personally, I love it. It’s foolish and fun and friendly and seemingly oblivious to lazy media goading. Brooklyn also happens to be home to the menswear store Gentry. One of the best shops I’ve ever visited.

As well as stocking an enviable edit of premium swag like Ganryu, Tomorrowland, Yuketen, Engineered Garments and Needles, they also boast up and comers Abasi Rosborough and Death To Tennis, a brand currently without UK distribution. Also, I should point out, my girl and I received the warmest welcome possible from the great guys there – they even snapped us for their Instagram. I copped a couple of pieces which I’ll debut on these pages shortly. Until then, I hope the following snaps provide sufficient encouragement for any passing menswearmen of menswear to check the store out.

IMG_7204 IMG_7208 IMG_7207 IMG_7206 IMG_7205 IMG_7203  IMG_7201 IMG_7200 IMG_7199 IMG_7198 IMG_7197 IMG_7196 IMG_7195 IMG_7194 IMG_7193 IMG_7192 IMG_7191 IMG_7190

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