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Some magnificent shit

So what’s your jacket called? Has it got a name? I don’t mean a cutesy name you’ve come up with, like you’d give a pet, or a house, or how you call your peen ‘The Domesticator’. I mean a title. An official model name. The Ark Air range have the best names ever. The ‘Tundra’. The ‘Shard’. And my personal favourite, the ‘Dispersion’. ‘Dispersion’ – that’s just some magnificent shit. I suppose, you’d hope the title isn’t too literal. Obviously, you don’t want to be dispersing any hunnies before you’ve had a chance to release ‘The Domesticator’. You gotta be able to get your pash-on with your fash-on.

Prepare yourself, for the ‘Dispersion’…


12965_ark-air-jaket-disp-camo-d212965_ark-air-jaket-disp-camo-d112965_ark-air-jaket-disp-camo-d3 12965_ark-air-jaket-disp-camo-d4 12965_ark-air-jaket-disp-camo-d5

It’s certainly some mad-ass jacketing, but it’s also hardwired with enough sensible deets to provide maximal practicalness too. It’s got a ripstop cotton outer, wired hood, twin needled underarm seam, storm flap, adjustable drawcord waist, cuff adjustment, two large boxed pockets and two zipped document pockets. Check the pattern variants…

12968_ark-air-jaket-shard-camo-d4 12968_ark-air-jaket-shard-camo-d2 12968_ark-air-jaket-shard-camo-d5 12969_ark-air-jaket-comb-camo-d4 12970_ark-air-jaket-camo-camo-d5 12970_ark-air-jaket-camo-camo-d3 12970_ark-air-jaket-camo-camo-d2    12964_ark-air-jaket-aus-camo-d7 12964_ark-air-jaket-aus-camo-d3 12964_ark-air-jaket-aus-camo-d2  12963_ark-air-jaket-tundra-camo-d7  12963_ark-air-jaket-tundra-camo-d5 12963_ark-air-jaket-tundra-camo-d4

Ark Air is a relatively new sub-brand under the Arktis umbrella. Arktis have, for 30 years, been weaving-up battle-ready garms for the world’s most nails military and special forces . And the Ark Air range is formulated ‘with the same ethos in mind’. But presumably, focused on more day-to-day combat situations, like having a spare pocket to stow your wack-ass Nokia and a hood to throw-up, so you can pretend you haven’t seen that vagrant with his hand out.

I think these are all sorts of fire. Clock the range over at Present. And no, I don’t call my wang ‘The Domesticator’. It’s ‘Mr Domesticator’ to you.

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