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Does anyone care about practical anymore?

These are some weird-ass YMC trouser-sleeves. From the above shot, this swag looks like the arm of a jacket. But that’s what it isn’t. Them’s a trouser leg – complete with a pocket you’d have to splinter your spine to access. Practical? Probably not. But does anyone care about practical anymore? I mean, putting to one side keeping things safe, having convenient access to valuables and providing piece of mind, like, what are pockets actually for?

p4caa1 P4CAA_NAVY_GREY-3

I have deduced from their name, the ‘Aviator Pant’, that there’s an airborne, pilot influence thing going on here. It comes easy, I watch a lot of Vera. And while, there’s an enforced shortness to the cut – that’s almost pornographic sock acreage – a bro of resolute élan will get away with it.

P4CAA_NAVY_GREY1-950x1216 P4CAA1-950x1216

They’re in Italian herringbone moleskin and have a dark grey/navy mix going on. But really, it’s all about that cut and that back-snapping, lower-leg pocketing. They’re entirely on the £195 tip. So a bro’s got to be in the ‘200 quid for slacks’ comfort zone, which is a pretty rarified zone, no question. But, I guess, look at the value. What you lose in ankle coverage, you gain through a pair of useless pockets. Pockets, that would look weird with things stuffed in them and if you tried to open them in the street, you’d have to crouch like you’re having a poo. Practicality? Overrated.


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  1. Johnny Goddard

    See, I quite like these. Perhaps a tad longer would be better for someone like me. but overall yeah, they’re cool!

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