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Ethically responsible Hobnobs

In order to fit into a hipsterville like Peckham Rye, a bro has to keep his mod game alight. Hemp milk lattes, Crawfish hotdogs and ethically responsible Hobnobs – yeah bwoy, this is angular living. It’s also a good idea to attend ‘events’. Tuesday is Siamese Cat Fighting, Wednesday is Islamic Parkour, while last Saturday, I hit up Threads on Bellenden Road, for a fashion show.

IMG_2464 IMG_2418 IMG_2445 IMG_2453 IMG_2456 IMG_2465

Threads is a great little neo-vintage store and propritator, Jemima, is doing a stirling job offering sewing courses, putting on shows, rallying local design talent and generally creating a dandy, local make ‘n’ mend hub. If you’re in the area, pop in and if not, get your socialise on here.

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