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I showed the above image to my girl.

“Ohmygod, I can’t breathe”, she said.

Naturally I was extremely concerned and performed a quick diagnosis. It turned out that in fact she could breathe. She was simply saying she liked this vest. And for some reason, choosing to use words that have no business in such a statement.

It would appear my girl would like this vest. And so would I. A conundrum that, over the coming weeks, will doubtless achieve a compromise in her favour.

It’s good to get excited about Engineered Garments again. I didn’t feel that A/W18 was their strongest collection. The red and black sub-collection in particular didn’t do it for me. It all seemed weirdly Christmasy. After the 26th of December you don’t want to be marching about like a carol-singing lumberjack. Anyway, it seems for S/S19 we’re on safer ground. If you keep your eye on the various Nepenthes Instagram feeds you’ll get to see the stuff first. There’s already an interesting patchwork take on the Bedford doing the rounds. But this piece, called a “Cover Vest“, has gone from zero-to-essential in the click of a trackpad.

It’s available in nylon micro ripstop, as well as a high count cotton twill and colour-wise, it appears olive, black, dark navy and khaki are on the menu. You could toss this over or under anything – you know the score with the Nepenthes layering style. I particularly like that it’s kind of short in the body, so any untucked shirt will dangle beneath. Plus, check out those buttons on the side. I’d roll exactly like the guy in the top pic, with the top button fastened and the bottom ones undone. That’s about as fuck you as it gets.

I hope my girl enjoys it.

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