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A detour from the expected

Nepenthes sub-brand AiE seem to have taken their time getting any new season product out. But it’s clear from the new range that they haven’t been standing still. Those expecting more block-pattered cotton windcheaters might be surprised by the drawstring smock shirts, dressing gown jackets and this oily looking, sci-fi polyester taffeta coat. I’m pretty sure this thing is the lead in a new Netflix series.

I call it a coat, because it looks like one. It’s actually called a ‘Gas Shirt’, although I definitely wouldn’t try fisting that thing into my trousers. It’s certainly different, and by that I mean, different to most Nepenthes offerings. Glossy and futuristic, rather than matt, cottony and crumpled, this is a detour from the expected – 50% coat, 50% shirt and 1000% Vulcan Ambassador.

Though not the most dramatic element of this piece, you’ll perhaps notice the variation in button size – big, small, big, small… Surely a nod to its Engineered Garments stablemate. While the drawstrings at the hem and waist are similarly of the Nepenthes utilitarian style. I guess it’s mostly the shiny fabric and burgundy accents that transport this from the artisanal to the phantasmagorical.

Not sure I’m ready for this level of galactic outerwear. I appreciate what it’s doing. I’m just not used to wearing garments with such lustre. I prefer hiding in the shadows. Not all polished up, brokering a treaty between the Romulans and the Klingons.

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