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That’s your level right there

Perfectly poised between the ridiculous and the useful, this Spellbound apron shirt is all about that pocket. It’s a big pocket. It’s a really big pocket. You could put Infinity War’s weekend takings in that thing and it wouldn’t bulge. When the chaps on the International Space Station look out the window they can see the Great Wall of China and that pocket. Peer inside and see the face of God.

Whether you’d feel comfortable wearing this boils down to how much you want to look like a potter. All claysmen have spacial anomalies like this on the front of their blouses – you know, to carry their little wooden sticky things with wire on the end. And if you go for it, you’ll look like that. Like a man who makes stuff out of dirt.

Looking like a man who makes stuff out of dirt is probably quite cool. Sort of soulful and eco, certainly better than looking like a bloke who sells products made of finance and greediness. Still, the long-line vibe is not for everyone, to carry it off it needs fully embracing. Check the guy in the lead picture. Beads, silly hat, Malibus – that’s your level right there. Full-on consciousness. The only thing he’s missing is some kind of medieval musical instrument.

The brand Spellbound is part of the Japanese company Domingo. Based in Kojima, they’re the country’s third oldest denim manufacturer and produce goods with an outdoorsy,  workwear vibe. Needless to say, this is a quality item, and while the band collar is starting to feel a little played right now, this is still a killer piece. You’re looking at a twoer, but for a pocket that can carry an exploding star without the seams popping, that’s probably quite reasonable.

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