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Do you dungarees or don’t you?

The menswear consumer can comfortably be divided between men who wouldn’t wear dungarees and men who would. The former group comprises virtually everyone, the latter, hidden somewhere within the use of the word virtually. Divisive, inelegant and yes, there’s fucking Mario, the dungaree is maximum… Read More

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Another mystery solved

What’s your personal relationship with reversible garments? Mine is unconsummated. I’ve never bought anything because it’s reversible. I’ve unknowingly bought stuff in the past that is clearly designed to be reversible. But even then, I’ve never gone Transform-a-Snack on that thing and switched the inside… Read More

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Nigel Cabourn SS16 VIDEO

At London Collections MEN this week, Nigel Cabourn didn’t do a show, he did a presentation. Which is models standing around, you know, wearing stuff and that. They looked pretty cool. And if you’re into Cabourn’s high-end workwear/vintage/military aesthetic, there is nothing in the following… Read More