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This post is of interest to no one

An extremely small number of people will be interested in this post. Which is a good thing. If we agree that mainstream, popular clothing is broadly bad. Then it follows niche, independent, small-run clothing is broadly good. By applying that idea to the editorial policy of this site, I conclude that content which is read by only few and ignored by the masses must be good. Hence these trousers. Camouflage (which will immediately put many people off) linen (which is good for only a couple of months out the year) and crucially, at sale time, they’re still full price at a demoralising £355. Success. This post is of interest to no one.

If you’re still here (and I do have a vague feeling, as I type, that I’m the only one who’s ever going to read this) then these catastrophically expensive pants are by Nigel Cabourn. Yes they’re linen, yes they’re £355, yes they’re so boldly camo that they won’t work with 70% of your standard outfits – get the feeling I’m trying to make you go away?

I don’t own any camo trousers myself. And probably because of that I’m quite drawn to them. You don’t often see the camo pant teamed with an unstructured blazer say. With maybe with some simple white kicks and a t-shirt. Maybe a bucket hat, some skis, a Batman cape, a surface-to-air rocket launcher… Jesus. I dunno, they’re £355, why am I even wasting my time?


      • How much does quality really differ on trousers? The fabrics are generally a little special and they’re made in the UK, but fit can be iffy and some of the more curious deadstock fabrics can be iffy. The whole deadstock thing: If it was so great, how come it took 60 years before anyone wanted to use it?

      • Haha, well I dare say it has something to do with the mythical notion of ‘authenticity’ that motivates so many contemporary consumers.

  1. james

    You nearly had me with this post. The initial view of the post from my laptop was of a man in a white T shirt, the pants were out of view. Was wondering how you were going to sell me the T.

  2. Mr Brown

    Nice strides. Get ’em.
    Better than those olive efforts everyone wears.
    And, before you ask, I’m not sore the pair I bought in the early 90’s are covered in paint

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