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From crematorium to skatepark

I can get behind this. Up top, it’s strictly business. Lapel heaviness. Shit, you could throw a tie under that and get your solemn on at a funeral. Down below there’s fire of a different kind with polyester half sleeves and elasticated cuffs. This goes from crematorium to skatepark – that’s versatility right there.

It’s a bullfighter, it’s a member of 80’s soul-funksters Cameo; jackets like this can be tricky to pull off. But remember, a touch of formality to an ostensibly casual get-up frequently elevates a bro from the heard. It’s worth considering. Handled with care (steer clear of PVC leggings) I can see this working.


Coming from OAMC‘s Parisian design boffins, it’s mostly wool, but with the addition of the sporty polyester sleeves and hem trim. While snap buttons coax this thing further towards the track and away from the boardroom. Whether you think £563 is reasonable for a sort of blazer sort of track-jacket is your business. As is what actual business you’d deem appropriate to do in it.

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