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Too drowsy to make up its mind

Droopy and positively fatigued; clothing doesn’t get more laid back than this. Perfect for slow-speaking, self-important wastrels with one eye on a half-finished corporate logo and one eye on the clock.

Virtually collapsing under the weight of its own puffy pockets, this Mountain Research piece is part overshirt, part light jacket, but it’s frankly too drowsy to make up its mind. This is garb for dudes who shrug their way through life. Yeah, it’s got big pockets, and…? It cost 272 quid, so…? I’ve got a bit of last night’s pizza in my beard… where you going with this?

I can copy and paste, “single chest patch pocket“, “spread collar” and “belt loop tabs“, all day, but you can see what this is. It’s a languorous expression in navy cotton. Born to be loosely buttoned over a tee and accessorised with a barking immodesty concerning your graphics skills, and a haphazard regard for your fellow patrons in packed Soho bar.

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