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Not with a pair of Cos slacks

Highly versatile these collarless engineer style jackets. Fantastic as layering pieces; it surprises me why I see so many struggling to shift come sale time. Perhaps for some, its ideal purpose isn’t clear; is it a jacket, a coat, or sort of a shirt? Thing is, it can be all, or none of these. Just wear one over a tee, or layer one up, under or even over a blazer or longer coat. Mad flexibilities. And this particular example is significant level-up from the norm.

While it wouldn’t be out of place in a Visvim look-book, this is actually from Bru na Boinne, a Japanese label which specialises in subdued yet attention-grabbing attire. Softly washed, indigo dyed denim is on the menu, as are four heavy duty front patch pockets; the top pair neatly slotting into the lower pair. Brass buttons and triple-stitched seams also feature, along with prominent hand-painted triangle details around the neck.

Built to partner with a lifestyle of bead-craft and driftwood whittling; this is not a piece for Average Joe Office. I don’t see the artisanal soul of the piece being magnified by teaming it with a Zara knit and a pair of Cos slacks. You probably need to go all in to pull this off. Which means at the very least acquiring a floppy cowboy style hat and a some Birkenstocks and rapidly developing a passion for Celtic jewellery.

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