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A friend to the avant-garde

The hinterland between seasonal menswear drops is grim. Last season’s offerings, once so lustrous and covetable, droop in price as consumer lethargy grows. New stock to come. Old stock still here. The Japanese, notoriously languid when it comes to servicing western retail, have yet to deliver. So what have we to look at? The answer, is this.

I don’t like soft targets. I’m a friend to the avant-garde. I enjoy the ridiculous. But even having said that… well, I mean, come on, look at this thing. Direct from the mind of Israeli designer Hed Mayner, it’s a sweatshirt with one giant yellow arm. It’s virtually textbook visual shorthand for the kind of flippant comments non-clothing types make about challenging fashion. You know the sort of thing, “a jacket with three arms hahahahahah.” Except of course this piece has two arms. And one of them is massive and yellow.

Why? Difficult to say. A peek at Boon, a French creative agency suggests that Hed Mayner’s work is about ideas of, “spirituality, tradition, vulnerability, power and nobility.” Not sure I’d feel especially noble in this. Vulnerable yes. Mostly to ridicule.

Mayner apparently delivers, “a timeless modern luxury to menswear.” How his work can be simultaneously timeless and modern isn’t explained. But perhaps I’m just getting hung up on that inconvenient, ‘what words actually mean’ thing. I expect pedantry isn’t that welcome when you’re trying to sell a top with one enormous arm.

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