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By ‘innovation’ I mean the exact opposite

If there’s one thing that keeps me up at night, it’s the tedium of knowing, come morning, I’ll have to yet again face a pair of shoes with laces in their predictable place, on the front of a shoe. On they go, down I’ll bend and have to knot them up, every day the same. Sure, it’s a practical. Yes it’s a tried and tested formula. And yes, it’s easy, neat, it looks good, people know it, like it and are comfortable with it on a global scale. But putting all that to one side, wouldn’t it be better if the laces were on the heel?

This is convoluted and entirely unjustifiable sentiment is clearly shared by the brain trust over at brands Sacai and Hender Scheme. Just look at this new collaboration. They’re slip-ons, I guess, but with the added ‘benefit’ of being able to adjust the fit via a heel mounted lacing system. No idea how easy it would be to lace them up while wearing them? I’m guessing it’d feel a bit awks. But then I suppose, what price do you put on innovation? And by ‘innovation’ I mean the exact opposite.

As far as actually putting a price on these, those familiar with the brands in question won’t be surprised to learn you’ll have to coin out a quite specific £731 to cop. I mean, that’s quite a lot right. Quite a lot for a pair of shoes that don’t work properly. Still, I’d wear them. Not in black. But the right shade of navy or khaki and I’d be on board. Yes they’re absurd. But as regular readers may have gathered, I’m a dick like that.

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