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Another mystery solved

What’s your personal relationship with reversible garments? Mine is unconsummated. I’ve never bought anything because it’s reversible. I’ve unknowingly bought stuff in the past that is clearly designed to be reversible. But even then, I’ve never gone Transform-a-Snack on that thing and switched the inside out. Basically as far as reversible garments go, one side is always the side you bought it for and the other side sucks hard. This piece from Nigel Cabourn’s Lybro range could change things for me. It won’t. But in the interest of having something to write about so you can carry on reading, let’s both pretend it will.


Apparently this thing is based on garments worn during basic training during WW2. It’s probably to Nigel’s credit that it looks modern and interesting and all covered in stitching and that. It looks like it could have been designed yesterday. Which it sort of was. But also completely wasn’t.


It’s in a half cotton, half wool double sided jersey and clearly, you can wear it army green (with the bold top stitching detail and chunky pocket) or on the flip, it’s grey with army green trim. It’s just like, when am I gonna want to wear a grey with army green trim sweat? If I had this, I’ll be rolling green with top stitching up 1000%. Wouldn’t you?


I mean maybe, back during basic training you had to flip the script on your top half for camouflage purposes? One minute you’re crawling around in grass, the next infiltrating a cement factory? Or a carpark. Or something else grey that I can’t be bothered to think of. Another mystery solved.

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