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Peckham: the centre of the cultural world

In case you hadn’t heard, Peckham is the centre of the cultural world right now. Only the other day I read some article proclaiming that Peckham, rather than Dalston, was the centre of London creativity right now. Now admittedly, this was a piece in London’s Evening Standard magazine, so when I say ‘centre of the cultural world’, I in fact mean a few people on London’s art scene. But no matter, I have never let facts get in the way of filling space on this site before and it seem churlish to start now. Here are some pictures of Peckham’s great and good to take your mind of my purposefully non-existent approach to research.

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  1. Andrew Alleyne

    Just look at what these idiots have done to my beautiful home (of 45yrs)… It used to be a diverse, quiet little area. Now you can’t walk the streets at night without treading in a steaming pile of Hipster.

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