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Still for the locals

There’s a lot of cultural tourism right now in Peckham, particularly at the weekend. The cafes and bars are becoming home to a surfeit of White Company couples and their accompanying stockpile of child-rearing apparatus. While at night, it’s becoming easier to spot the rugby… Read More

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A deep statement

If you visit Peckham and you manage to fight your way through the battalions of mummies brandishing strollers and skinflints queuing for a freebie at Honest Burger, you might find yourself at the Peckham Springs bar. If you do, have a look around. You might… Read More

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No such thing as Spring buoyancy

So, on Saturday night I attempted to inject some Spring buoyancy into a chilly night at Peckham Springs. My chosen medium, corduroy. Specifically a SS15, burnt red, jacket from Albam. I was still savagely cold. Not surprising really, there’s no such thing as ‘Spring buoyancy’.… Read More

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I suggest you do likewise

The other day I had some trousers made. They were made by a local Peckham tailor, based on my precise instructions. They cost me 20 coins for the fabric, and 50 for my tailor to take a pattern from a pre-existing pair, the manufacture and any… Read More