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Fighting with bags of stones

That’s some heavy rope detail right there. None of your wimpy, dufflecoat togglery, this is the kind of shit you’d wear to a hangman’s convention. This garm is for a bro with a deep relationship with rope and ropesmanship in general. But I don’t know how comfortable you are about putting your fetish for, “a group of yarns, plies, or strands which are twisted or braided together in order to combine into a larger and stronger form“, out there for the world to see? If I’m really honest, I’m not sure I’m all that massively into rope.


This is called the Anthony Military Pull Over Jacket by East Harbour Surplus and is apparently based on a “classic military design“. What military though? I can imagine west country ploughmen wearing these, having a war over who stole who’s ploughman’s egg. But military – surely you’d have to go back to when humans hit each other with bags of stones?


Whatever it’s trying to be, I quite like what it’s trying to be. I just can’t get past the fact that if you were to roll up in this, your acquaintances would quite openly and probably rather loudly say, “what the fuck are you wearing?” There’s not a lot of ambiguity with this. You really are rolling rope heavy. So it’d be red faces all round. You’d start to feel a bit too warm. And at first opportunity, it’d be off, hanging on the back of your pub chair, ropework hanging forlornly in a puddle of spilt Stella.

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