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More questions than answers

This God’s Eye Tunic is sold over at Gentry in New York. I’ve never been to Gentry in New York. But you can tell by the website that it’s militant in its fashionability. The product description for The God’s Eye Tunic is as follows: “Abasi Rosborough partnered up with Voz who commissioned the Mapuche weavers of Chile to develop this fine Alpaca tunic.” That’s all it says.

If I’m honest, as the kind of buffoon who could be talked into dropping $785 dollars (plus postage) on a God’s Eye Tunic, this description leaves me with more questions than answers.

Who the fuck is Abasi Rosborough? Am I supposed to know. And who’s Voz? It can’t be the guy I used to know back in Stafford in the late 80s – he played pool, smoked roll-ups and had ‘SKINS’ tattooed on the inside of his lower lip.  I don’t think he’s designing tunics now.


Anyway, I guess at least the ‘Mapuche weavers of Chile‘ at least sound like crafts people. And, you know, ‘alpaca‘s definitely a thing. Perhaps that’s enough for most fashionable people.


I’m probably not going to buy this tunic. Aside from the fact that the details are too spare, I don’t wear tunics. Besides, look at the crosses on this thing. They look upturned. No wonder Gentry are being cagey about this thing. It’s probably an Antichrist celebration cape. Either way, it’s way too mysterious for me.

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