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Milk yourself

I’ve got a lot of time for what these trousers represent. Although, I have no idea what these trousers represent. I want to understand them, I want what they are to be part of my life, I just wouldn’t know where to start. They’re all quilty and weird. I’m not sure if these fit into a climbers lifestyle or a white Rastas? Daredevil or spiritualist? I think if I was wearing these I’d just leave it to others to decode: by yoga-ing in the park, while tapping on my djembe in crampons. Feel dat?

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You can grab these Tigre Brocante numbers over at the always progressive Blue Button Shop. I do notice however that they don’t seem to have a fly. I maybe wrong, but, I’ve looked pretty long and hard at the crotch in these pictures and the absence of a zipper or a brace of buttons is glaring. The user really would be in the business of dropping both trousers and pants at the urinal – which is a fucking big look. It can send out some pretty complex signals to other latrine users.

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I sound like I’m down on these. I’m totally not. I would entirely rock these. They’re a pretty reasonable 139 quid. I’d just make sure I throughly milked myself of liquid before leaving the house.

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