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An absurdly indulgent menswear blog crammed with obscure 70s sci-fi references

Whenever I encounter this kind of curvy, blobular detail on a garm, I see sci-fi. Particularly the 60s-70s vision of the future. All elliptical designs, egg-shaped chairs and tubular travel pods. A world away from the Star Wars ‘used universe’ to come, the globular galaxy lived throughout the work of Pierre Cardin, automotive and interior design, Kubrick’s 2001, right up to (important) TV (classics) like Space 1999. The influence is also clearly visible on this shirt. You know, cos its got a blob on it.

Space 1999 rampboy1.001

We’re talking HeadPorter Plus. We’re talking Japanese design. We’re talking about a 130 coin shirt. Grab it at Haven.

Space 1999 rampboy1.002

It’s in cotton flannel, so it’s as soft as Orion’s Nebula.  But the key detail is clearly the two tone layered chest pockets.

Space 1999 rampboy1.003

There’s a regular chest pocket, and a side pocket beneath. And examining it, I have to say, I strongly believe it was designed to store the unique Space 1999 Stun Gun. You could probably ram your Comlock in there too.


Comlock eh? Any clue what I’m talking about? Enjoy my Comlock reference? I’m assuming not. But if yes, I don’t know what you’re doing here? Surely you got your own absurdly indulgent menswear blog to cram with obscure 70s sci-fi references?

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