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South2 West8: the me that I think is me?

My girl caught up on my last few posts last night. She seemed concerned by the apparent through-line of despair and downright morbidity. I explained I was fine. But, to change the subject and illustrate I retained some remnants of joy and optimism, I enthused about this jacket. She didn’t like it. Apparently it would make me look like:

  • The kind of guy who introduces himself as an artist while never having produced anything beyond secondary-school-level daubings.
  • The kind of guy who constantly bangs on about how ‘off his face’ he was.
  • The kind of guy who goes barefoot in polite company.

I am, I should clarify, none of the above. But it is worrying that my girl considers the addition of this jacket to my wardrobe so perilous. Thing is, I really like it, I think it’s a bit of me. I wonder if the me that I think is me is not the same me my girl watches Death in Paradise with?

You can expect this South2 West8 number to crop up in the UK at one of the usual suspects (Garbstore, The Bureau, Nepenthes London) in a hot minute. But for right now, it appears to exist only on the Nepenthes Tokyo Instagram feed and to buy at Japan’s formidable Reggie Shop.

There are three reasons this jacket has turned my head — honestly, if it asked, I’d probably go with it for dinner and drinks and consider tops and fingers. Firstly it’s brown. I don’t usually go in for a lot of brown, but I’ve got a feeling brown is due for a renaissance. To those of you who wear brown, have always worn brown and see no reason to ever stop or start wearing brown, I accept my previous statement sounds like the soft-headed twittering of a self-proclaimed fash-lord. And to some extent it is. But mark my words, brown is going to be big. Or bigger, depending on your point of view.
Secondly, it’s lightweight — basically a shirt in the shape of a jacket. I can’t get enough of such garments; they’re an essential part of my layering make-up rain, shine or snow. And thirdly, and bestly, it’s cheap. If I was in Japan I could buy this for the equivalent of £93. I know right. Less than a ton for a South2 West8 jacket.

Course when this thing makes it to our shores its very existence will have been aggressively taxed by our wonky posh overlords – expect it to be served up at around £150. But even so, I wants it. I wants it bad. I can see this working under a gilet, maybe a long shirt hanging underneath… I’m in the park… squinting into the sun… looking kind of cool… I take a long tug on a jazz cig as I apply the finishing stroke to my watercolour… the grass, dry and crisp beneath my toes.

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