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Beheavyer: waiting to crack a smile

Do you find bright and sunny colours lead to a bright and sunny disposition? When the style press suggests adding a pop of colour to scare away the January blues do you think that sounds like a bit of fun and a concept you can get onboard? I fucking don’t. It’ll take more than a yellow body-warmer to make me want to go back to work. And it’ll take more than a duck down interior to make me enjoy another year of conference calls, Google Slides and anaemic on-train wi-fi.

That said, unless I dive under a bus or jump into a canal (both of which sound a bit painy) this is life. And this is a bright yellow body-warmer. So let’s just get on with it shall we.

Contrary to my nauseating demeanour, I do really like this. It’s by Beheavyer, a South Korean brand with no UK representation. I’ve got a lot of time for this brand — remember their amazing shirts? — mostly because they moving the menswear conversation forward without resorting to the archly unwearable. Sure, their starting point appears to be utilitarianism; there are workwear and vintage references in the mix. But just look at the collar shape on this piece. Look at the knitted detail on the side seams. Decisions have been made here. Decisions that successfully elevate the garment from the myriad looky-likeys.

You can grab one of these over at Stable. They’re also available in black, olive and white, all of which are in the sale. Anddddd… of course, it goes without saying, the yellow one isn’t in the sale. They know what they’re doing over at Stable, they’ve clearly got one eye on the calendar — why else would the most joyous of colours demand the highest price. It’s just another bag of shit tipped upon my already thoroughly shitted head.

Fuck it,  I’ll just stare at its beaming yellowness until I crack a smile.

I may be some time.

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