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Look at it from a purposely inaccurate perspective

Be reasonable. What else are you gonna spend 200 coins on right now? A family trip to Alton Towers? Dude, it’s off season, forget it. These Yuketens are on offer and were 350.  So a piffling 200 is basically giving them away. They’re pretty much paying you to buy them. You know, if you look at it from a purposely inaccurate perspective.


200 still feel like a lot? Just keep in mind that these clumpy moccasins are handmade in Maine, U.S.A. They’ve a glorious suede upper, a Vibram Cristy sole, leather laces and, for those that care, a free shoe bag. For me, it’s the Native American stitching detail that elevates these bad boys.

707db799dddd9c64de2a11b429ea8ff1_h1211w1020_passthru Yuketen_Western_Chukka-2
I’ve got a pair of blue suede Yuketen boots. They’re weighty, extremely well made and will last for years. It’s the only reason I’m not dropping on these over at Norse Store. That, and I quite like the look of the Scarefest Halloween Short Break.

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