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It’s got a rear hanger loop

Men of wear will immediately recognise this as a Comme des Garçons Homme shirt. Those giant khaki pocket splodges, contrasting brilliantly with the fundamentals of a traditional business shirt. And naturally you will have noticed that while last season’s version offered pockets with just the one button, this season there are two. Exactly the kind of tiresome detail that makes me love men’s clothing.


Indeed, so happy do such details make me, I’ve enthusiastically pointed out by far the most interesting thing about this shirt already. I now have little else to say. I suppose I can tell you that you can buy it at Haven for 374 pounds. A sum factually too much for a shirt.

Comme-des-Garcons-HOMME-Cotton-Broad-Strip-Cotton-Polyester-Canvas-Shirt-Blue-White-Khaki-2_2048x2048 Comme-des-Garcons-HOMME-Cotton-Broad-Strip-Cotton-Polyester-Canvas-Shirt-Blue-White-Khaki-3_2048x2048

I can also tell you that Haven describes it like this: “featured in a classic pinstriped cotton, it adorns military inspired hand pockets boldly placed under the chest.” Facts that, by and large, I have already pointed out earlier in this post, but in noticeably different words.

It’s also got a rear hanger loop. Many shirts have. But just to confirm, this one does too.

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