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Space jeans for the spaced out

I briefly had a boss who, when describing something good, chose to use the phrase, “fucking laser“. A nice breakfast, “fucking laser“. A good piece of work, “fucking laser that is.” I briefly considered employing the slang myself. Then thought better of it. I notice it hasn’t caught on.

The guys over at Story MFG seem to be all up in the ‘laser’ lifestyle though. These jeans are actually patterned by lasers. And very eye-catching they are. They clearly set their lasers to stun. To stun I say…

other-hanger-01-09-16-091-copy Story MFG | AW16 Lookbook | Photography by Jenna Foxton

The brand apparently wanted to achieve something, “a little more future-y than vintage markings“. So they decided to, “scorch“, their  natural indigo denim with “sideways ‘laser rain‘”. The resulting wide leg jeans are certainly a stand-out. If they had my size, I’d grab a piece of this right now. But over at retailer OTHER/Shop they appear to only have 32 waists left, which is a little ambitious from my perspective.

Story MFG | AW16 Lookbook | Photography by Jenna Foxton Story MFG | AW16 Lookbook | Photography by Jenna Foxton

You can find out more about the whole lasering process over here, and if you’re taken by this raygun raked antics give OTHER/Shop a bell. I’m sure they’d help a brother out. They’re fucking laser like that.


  1. I read their article about how the used actual lasers in Spain to do the markings and fancy and techy though it may be, it still looks shit. Or is that “fucking not laser”?

      • Mr Brown

        That lazer cloth is good, a bit girly..(why it’s looks good on her)… got the feel of that Japanese pick stitching too.
        In a jacket, for men folk though; reckon most could agree on that.
        Ps. Those petrol blue trewzars,right, bottom pic. Well Dickies.

    • I’m sorry you don’t like them Well Dressed Dad – we certainly weren’t going for anything that looked ‘shit’.

      Rampboy thank you for this article! This isn’t the first and I’ve read them all and really appreciate the time it’s taken as well as the compliment that it is!


      • I have to be honest. You make so much other great stuff that in comparison the laser fabric just looks lousy. What happened to all the organic, natural and real stuff? Suddenly we’re back to 1982 and Missile Command on the Atari! It ain’t right, I’m telling you 🙂

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