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A look inside: Nepenthes, NYC

So, Nepenthes, the umbrella brand for Engineered Garments, Needles, South2West8 and Rough & Tumble amongst others. For menswearmen, visiting the Nepenthes store in NYC is like discovering a cache of Nazi gold – minus the inconvenient moral quandary. It’s a shitstorm of wants. Stuff you can’t buy online. Served by a staff so cool, they don’t even know what cool is. I visited a couple of weeks back. I think I left a piece of my soul behind.

I’m not going to blab on about all the different stuff. It’s starting to crop up at The Bureau now. Although I did bag a couple of new season tees which I haven’t seen available in the UK yet. I fancied trying to pick up a garment by South2 West8 (you can only get the luggage in the UK) but they didn’t have my size. They did have my girl’s size though. In the sale. So now she’s walking round London in a savage multi-pocketed camo number and I’m not. Perhaps I should have sprung for the hat I was looking at yesterday? Anyway, you don’t often see many in-store snaps of Nepenthes NYC online. You do now, enjoy…

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