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Face-reddeningly uncool

Pig & Rooster. This jacket is by a brand called Pig & fucking Rooster. I can hardly think of a more face-reddeningly uncool name. Hog & Cock perhaps?

The Japanese somehow get away with this quirky, awkward, unglamorous approach to branding. A know-nothing Brit like me would expect to find Pig & Rooster branding on an M&S country collection, snuggling up to Blue Harbour. In fact it’s to be found for sale on eastern arbiter of dopeness Digital Mountain. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the jacket in question is fully weapon.


There’s scant, Japanese language, information available. But I have managed find out that, it’s called the Lanai Mex Rove, it’s made from 60% cotton and 40% wool and  it’ll run you 263 pounds and 53 new pence (not including postage, packing, import duty etc…) Incidentally, in those make-up percentages there presumably should be a little leather, there’s clearly trim on the cuffs and finishing the front edge. The other key details are the concho buttons (a style of Navajo and Mexican origin) and the hanging leather ties.


It all adds up to a killer, robe-like piece, that manages to sit of the right side of daft and, in my view, appears quite practical and easy to wear. I wouldn’t fancy explaining to mates down the pub that I was wearing Pig & Rooster. But then I’m a narcissistic, preening infant.

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