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Merely Made: “It’s all Jesusy”

I like to consider myself fairly resolute when it comes to buying decisions. If I like something, I might stew on it for a while, but ultimately I’ll push the button (fiscal health notwithstanding). I’ve certainly never considered that my girl might have some sway in the matter.

“Pffhhhh…”, she noised.

“It’s just another Jesus top.”

Fucking ouch.

There I am innocently browsing the Merely Made website, cross referencing the pieces I could more conveniently buy from This Thing of Ours and I mistakenly point out how much I’m digging on this jacket.

“You know what I mean”, she continued, “it’s all Jesusy.”

It’s not the first time I’ve had this whole biblical sting. I’ve got a couple of Nicholas Daley tops that apparently make me look like “an apostle.” And when I wear my (admittedly oversized) Tender shirt she insists on calling me “Moses.” I really don’t think she understands contemporary menswear.

As far as this Merely Made jacket goes, I don’t see what she’s getting at. I mean, yes, it’s cropped and features three-quarter length sleeves. But I’m pretty sure none of the disciples rocked a single button fastening with a stepped hem and I’m positive ‘peach washable nylon’ wasn’t available in Jesus times.

You can grab it in black or olive direct from Merely Made at a very reasonable $158. And I was considering it, seriously. But my girl’s withering commentary has actually put me off. I’ve had enough of her “observations.” If she asks me to change her glass of water into a decent Shiraz again I’m recanting menswear for good.

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