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Sillage: The perfect wardrobe for un-locking-down

It’s possible many of you are panicking. Lockdown is over and you’ve forgotten to buy a humungous oversized fit covered in a Muay Thai fighters. I know right. You had one thing to do throughout the last twelve months and you’ve left it to the last minute.

It’s virtually impossible to think about successfully integrating yourself back into society without the head-to-toe protection of a bunch of men in underpants kicking each other. Fortunately, it’s a situation the Japanese brand Sillage have clearly anticipated.

If you’re not familiar with Sillage all you really need to know is that, these garments are from their ‘Destination Series’, it’s unavailable in the UK (great for bragging rights) and they produce the most colossal trousers. If anything they appear even bigger than the infamous Needles HDs.

But that’s not all. Their shirts are big, their jackets are big, their hats are huge. Their dressmaker’s dummies must weigh a ton.

Now for the bad news (and for once it’s not the price.) Some of the pieces needed to create the full look are already sold out. It would seem a lot of dudes have already wised-up to the psychological benefit of un-locking-down in garments peppered with semi-naked martial artists. But there’s still time.

The blazers and the shirts are gone, however you can still grab a pair of the Hakama Pants or the Circular Short Pants. Or perhaps you’re feeling the Helmet Cap, an astonishingly bold headpiece with a built-in face protector. It’s somewhere between an Imperial Snowtrooper and a suspect in a Netflix true-crime doc.

Over at Sillage they don’t believe in the concept of sizes (other than fucking huge) so everything comes size-free. Unisex, unisize, totally uniwoke my man.

I’m all about the Helmet Cap myself. Fashion types often bang on about ‘transition’ pieces (taking you from one season to the next) but it occurs to me that, with this hat, Sillage are offering a way to make the biggest transition of all, emerging from lockdown. It’s perfect for wearing outside, but still feeling like you’re inside. 

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