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F/CE: Make an offer for all of the money…

The bar to achieve selection for Dragons’ Den sometimes appears fairly low. There was someone on the other day who’d apparently ‘invented’ some cooking sauces. Another couple who’d ‘invented’ sunglasses cords. Dunno about you, but I wouldn’t feel especially confident facing Peter (Business Titan) Jones et al. armed with a thing already commonly available, no matter how good my packaging.

For example. I don’t think I’d have the confidence to pitch these trousers in the Den. There I’d be waffling away about the recycled nylon and the cool looking pockets, but at the back of my mind I’d be awaiting the obvious question:

“Haven’t you just put a multi-coloured belt on a normal pair of trousers?”

To the layperson I expect that’s exactly what it looks like. After all, that tie-dyed belt is the only reason it stopped my Goodhood scroll. How hard is it to just stick a colourful belt on a pair of trousers you already own, some might think?

But I believe there’s more to it. When we think ‘design’ it’s easy to think ‘cut’; challenging shapes, tricky detail. But colour is fundamental. How seasonal tweaks made to hue, saturation and juxtaposition work together to propose modernity and encourage surprise. It’s far from simple and in every design house on the planet, colour is central to decision-making. I dare say, a great deal of thought went into how those fades from royal blue to barely-there peach would relate to the specific shade of green. And if it didn’t, I’d say they got very lucky.

By the way, they’re by the brand F/CE and I’m also loving the pockets. The blurb says ‘five pockets’ over on Goodhood, but I think they need to get their abacus out, I count six. Can’t make out whether the thigh pocket features a snap or a button, but the snap on that dinky ‘pen pocket’ looks cool.

I’d really like to try these on to see how that ‘high waist’ sits and how wide those ‘wide legs’ actually are. But from my digital vantage point they look strong. I reckon they’d be great with a pair of those new Engineered Garments x Sebagos (mine are incoming) and maybe a creased-up blazer. In fact I think I’m sold. I’d be happy to make an offer for all of the money for a 100% share of these trousers.

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