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Bloated salesmen not included

V-necks. Most often spotted adorning the generic sales professional. Frequently they’re framing a Christ-awful Thomas Pink candy-stripe shirt. And they’re worn snug, so as to require of the wearer a perpetual state of inhalation – lest any targets of amorous intent witness the true tumescence of their pie ‘n’ pint  sack.

This OAMC v-neck isn’t for the Xerox crowd. This isn’t a water-cooler gossip garment. To the eyes of the vanilla salesbro, this looks a bit weird. Possibly gay. To the eyes of a true clothesman, it’s next level v-neckism.

6971_ad42b53c1e-ag6a2940-zoom 6971_45229b474e-ag6a2943-zoom 6971_63fdc9e51a-ag6a2945-zoom

With a nylon outer and a cotton lining, this Ripstop Wind Shirt will certainly lock in the heat when things get draughty. On the flip, when stifling on a packed tube, you might find shit getting all sorts of sweaty under there. Just as well OAMC have deployed this weapon with quick-zip, emergency ventilation panels…


Strong nylon radness in my view. And it’d work with pretty much everything in a bro’s wardromidum. Just keep it clear of wack-ass double-cuff, lavender striped, powershirts, yo.

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