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Like what proper Italians do

I’m so into this blazer, I’m not sure a man has any business wearing a blazer, unless it’s this blazer. If I’m honest, I literally don’t have a clue what a blazer is, if it isn’t this blazer. I mean, just for a second, think about other blazers. Think about blazers that aren’t this one? I can’t. I can’t even do that. I don’t even understand the question.


The Barena Torceo jacket is not new. The Italian firm makes them season in, season out. But I don’t own one. And if there’s anything I’ve learned about my mental enslavement to #mensstyle, it’s that I get mad-hype about brands I don’t own. Then I own them. Then, after a month or two, I realise it wasn’t the game changer I thought. Then I move on.

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But as I said, I don’t own any Barena. So, I’m all about this beautifully woven, cardigan-style jacket right now. Totally unlined, totally un-padded. This is my vibe for looking like a totally authentic Italian bro-about-town. Perfect for a night in Pizza Express. I never order the chavy American Hot. I always get a Risotto or some shit. You know, like what proper Italians do.

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