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Just add piss-unconvincing spacebear mask

I like madness like this Sasquatch style cardie. It’s luxe that doesn’t look like luxe. It makes me wonder what parallel life I’d have to inhabit, to happily drop 515 Canadian bills to look like I’d spent 25 quid at a boot sale.

I dare say, in person, this thing looks pretty darn swag. But you know, when I look at images like this…


… it kind of looks a bit flimsy, a bit see-through, a bit, not worth 515 Canadas.

LambskinPatchesMohairCardigan1_1024x1024 LambskinPatchesMohairCardigan2_1024x1024 LambskinPatchesMohairCardigan3_1024x1024  LambskinPatchesMohairCardigan4_1024x1024

Thing is, this five button cardigan is by Needles. So irrespective of price, see-throughness or general werewolfianism, any bro’s gots to want it. And what about that fur? There’s a grotty 70’s Doctor Who monster vibe about it. Add a piss-unconvincing spacebear mask and your transformation from bro about town, into a cave dwelling Tardis botherer would be complete.


Specificationwise, it’s a warm mohair blend, with elbow patch and pocket trim in lambskin. It also rocks leather trimmed side gussets. Which, coincidently, is a feature I demand on all my clothing.

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