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Vintage looms x modern technology = product write-up on menswear e-tailer

I showed this shirt to my missus. “Oh, no“, she said. Just that. Just, “oh no.” A statement I felt was pretty damning for clearly such an important piece of apparel. By my current reckoning I own precisely no short sleeved shirts with apples on. Which seems like an oversight to me. I am convinced that were I to buy this shirt and my lady saw, first hand, my dishevelled glory framed by appley cotton, she would change her mind. Aside from the fact that by convinced I actually mean unconvinced.


It’s the first time I’ve written about Shuttle Notes. I saw this shirt in white, on Union Made a month or so back, but now both the white and navy versions have cropped up at Garbstore. The brand originated in Japan in 1948 and they’re all about creating unusual fabrics: you know the sort of thing, vintage looms x modern technology = product write-up on menswear e-tailer.


Thing is, all the Shuttle Notes pieces I’ve seen have been pretty simple, lots of grey, white and navy. This is, in the most literal of senses, the first time I’ve seen them do a shirt with apples on.

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Still, whether you’re in the, “oh no” camp, or the more-open-minded-but-still-unsure-if-you’d-actually-drop-£150-on-an-apple-shirt camp, you have to admit you don’t often see shirts with big red apples on. There’s probably a reason for this. I’m just not that interested in looking for it.

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  1. No. Though I do appreciate the level of pattern matching going on in the pocket region. Many a maker could learn something there.

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