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Of all the foremost thinkers in the menswear space…

If you haven’t yet embraced the concept of a shirt that’s longer than a normal shirt (to employ the technical #menswear parlance) perhaps this banger from Anachronorm will sway you. In truth, it probably won’t. I mean let’s be honest. If you think the idea of wearing long shirts is preposterous, looking at a long denim shirt is unlikely to change your mind. Personally, I like the longer cut, great for layering in my view. Perhaps you need your favourite footballer or musician to wear one before you’ll consider it?

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In truth, footballers may well be prancing about some god-awful Manchester glam-bar in them already, fuck if I’d know? And the only musicians I’m interested in are the faceless automatons churning out bleeps and bass over at Xlr8r. So, you know… I forget what I’m on about now… Yeah, yeah, this shirt. You can grab it over at Blue Button Shop for a very reasonable 161 coins. Which for a crazy-ass-long, collarless, washed denim, popover is decent in my view.

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Still on the long-shirt fence? Well, all I’ll say is this… Of all the foremost thinkers in the menswear space, I, and I alone, am the one that has just implied that I’m a foremost thinker in the menswear space, in the very sentence you have just read. Really think about that.

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