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Primury: detail in the mundane

Stuck in our homes. No outside stimulus. Our view of life ever more abbreviated. Is it me or does the mundane begin to exhibit a level of detail hitherto unnoticed?

I’ve never before noticed that before her Zoom pilates class my girl crawls around picking up bits of fluff from the carpet. God forbid her fellow contortionists think her anything less than house-proud. It’s the digital equivalent of a 1950’s granny scrubbing her front step.

I’ve never paid much attention while my girl cuts my hair either. It’s become so tediously routine, I’ve typically zoned out and let her get on with it. It was only the other day I actually realised the hatchet-job she’s been doing on my eyebrows. There are clearly notches where there should be hair  — I’ve been on business calls looking like Vanilla Ice.

The detail in the mundane. It’s all we’ve got right now. And in menswear terms what’s more mundane than the white canvas sneaker?

On the face of it, these are white canvas sneakers. But you don’t have to look too hard to see the detail that elevate these beyond the expected.

UK brand Primury have ladled on the gum. A canvas sneaker with a gum sole is always a nice find, but here the rubber envelopes the toe cap too. There’s a whole lot of rubber going on and it enhances ambitions of the style. They’ve got a real vintage tennis player feel. There’s something of the Superga 2750 Cotu Classic about them, but the heft of Primury’s signature soles take them to a pleasingly contemporary place.

Full disclosure: I saw these yesterday and immediately ordered two pairs, one for me, one for my girl. Yeah, lockdown has finally brought me to this. The ultimate expression of the mundane  — matching his and hers clothing.

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