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Long lunches and bad scripts

A coat for a thespian. This is late 60s Tom Baker knocking them back at The French House. This is Withnail sans I. Those in the business of show frequently reach for mildly eccentric clothing (all the world’s a stage etc…) and this Japanese overcoat from Living Concept balances the business and the show perfectly.

Stylewise, this is a break from the workwear influences that often populate this site. A bit more grown up? Perhaps. But I maintain that this blanket of wool would work well as a smart counter-point to your existing wardrobe of cotton canvas and denim. Course, you might want to ‘youth it up’ a bit with a pair of kicks, rather than shoes, maybe a tee beneath rather than a shirt; you don’t want to come on too Mr Porter. But with the right fit, this will murder.

Wool often just looks a bit more luxe than cotton: flatter, less crumpled, softer. But with two outer and two inner pockets, this still boasts a utilitarian edge. It’s smart certainly, but a couple of rungs down from posh.

The buttoned rear vent is a cool touch, as well as the throat tab closure for going full Withnail. However the fabric is the big sell here. It’s just the right side of cartoony; multi-coloured but muted: hues that whisper rather than shout. It’s rad not dad.

If you’re in the market for this buttoned-up Tardis-wear, head to Alpha Shadows (the only Living Concept stockist in the UK). Cost-wise, it’s non-trivial, but this is a keeper. Years of long lunches and bad scripts await.

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