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Arcane hocus pocus

Without wishing to fuel the lunatic enthusiasms of any passing Brexiteers, I will say we do occasionally make some interesting stuff in this country. While the attention of this site is frequently focused on the output of Japan, South Korea and the US, now and again a brand like Block & Last pops up to remind us that desirable attire also originates closer to home.

It’s a shame that the brand name, ‘Block & Last’, sounds so much like the result of an online hipster business name generator. The clothes and shoes themselves look quite beautiful. Sure, we are in familiar territory (shoes made in Northampton, British and Japanese fabrics, inspiration from WWII military issue) but there’s a simplicity, a lack of fuss to the products, really allowing the pieces to stand on the merit of their construction. The round-toed shoes are smart, but it’s the square cut jackets that stand out. The fabric on this one, called a Fearnought Jacket and available over at Present, is all kinds of power.

Woven in London and dyed with Japanese Indigo, it’s a 60% cotton and 40% wool mix, with a Japanese seersucker lining. Take a look at the Block & Last site, it’s full of this kind of authentic, oldy-worldy, 150-year-old-loomy stuff. Like so many makers’s these days, the whole brand is packaged up with plenty of creaky hocus pocus. Loads of soundbites to swiftly bore your mates to sleep.

Course, none of this detracts from the fundamental appeal of this jacket. I don’t really want to say it’s ‘transseasonal’, but to be fair, a jacket like this comes into it’s own when it’s a bit cold, but not that cold, and a bit warm, but also, not actually that warm. If that sounds like the kind of environment you’re currently in, you could do a lot worse than this. It’s £295. Which is a chunk. But I’d still move quick. Remember, after Brexit £295 will probably definitely be worth £2.95.

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  1. Block & Last

    Hello Rampboy, This is the hipsters at Block & Last. if only we were as hipster as you feel the name is but unfortunately we are a man and wife team and a little too old to be considered cool. Thank you for the love of the jackets, much appreciated. P.S – Block & Last is quite simply, clothing ‘block’ and shoe ‘last.’ G&C

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