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The whole ‘no buttons thing’ is of course a thing

Featuring no buttons, this new banger from Ordinary Fits demands a symbiotic relationship with another top. This has to be worn over something. That’s an order. This is not an opportunity to get your abdomen out. So if you’re a Clapham-brained, muscle bro whose ambition in life is to star in Coach Trip: Road To Marbs, this is not for you. You might think it is. It’s really not.

Teamed with a medium weight cotton tee, this shirt/cardie hybrid will bring some noteworthy detail to your fit. It’s all in the seersucker see. Most frequently spotted in a pale blue and white stripe,  cotton seersucker has a fantastic texture. It’s light, it breathes and when it pops up in interesting colour-ways like this indigo dye job, it’s got something of the luxe about it.

The whole ‘no buttons’ thing is of course a thing. I mean, for many, it’ll be an issue. Personally, it’s not so much that I don’t like the idea of flapping free and easy, it’s just… I guess I’m used to having the choice. I think I’d employ a kilt-pin to occasionally hold it together. Perhaps one pimped a little, with a few small beads. Nice idea no? I’ll run it past the gym-heads next time I’m down Infernos.

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