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Reinforce your status as an irritatingly overconfident alpha

Moshing up numerous traditional Maya patterns, this magical mystery tour from obscuro Japanese makers Bohemians isn’t for the frail. As a potential heart-stopper, it’s up there with nicotine and saturated fats. Bombastic, and showy; this thing is has a proper ego. As likely to roll its eyes at your oafish attempts at wit as your mates down the pub. Approach with caution.

There are currently no Bohemians stockists in the UK. Shame really, as they offer everything from the simple chambray shirt, through to products with an unconscionable amount of patchwork, badges and embroidery; the kind of show pieces a menswearist has to drop once in a while to reinforce his status as an irritatingly overconfident alpha.

This piece is a simple cut and sew affair, but the dramatic complexity of the pattern clash guarantees a brotherman’s gonna get noticed. People will remember you in this. Primarily as the guy channeling Procol Harum through the medium of Gyles Brandreth.

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