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Indigo punctuation

There’s something about indigo in the sunlight. I understand that, scientifically speaking, most things are more visible when the sun’s shining. But the opulence, the profundity of colour that indigo dyeing affords, is really triggered for me under a cloudless sky. Which makes these Asahi… Read More

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A compelling sole sandwich

Loafers rule. Or rather, loafers can rule. If you’re rocking a thin-soled pair, sockless, with wetsuit-tight jeans you’re a wazzock. Loafers do not rule under those circumstances. I mean (hello, a large percentage of UK men) what the fuck are you thinking? If you dress… Read More

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An objectionable individual

Somewhere between a Navaho reservation and a Ginsters Steak Slice you’ll find these. The brand is Malibu. And the style (one that’s become rather familiar to fans of indie menswear retailers in recent years) is called Latigo. What appeals about this specific pair is the… Read More