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Toga: I don’t care. I’m broken

How’s your working life? Mine feels like a shit-smeared pendulum of thorns, swinging back and forth, constantly twatting me in the face. Twelve hour days, thirteen, fourteen. I did a fifteen hour day last Thursday: laptop open a 6am, closed at 9pm.

Yeah I know, boo-fucking-hoo. Big baby’s got a job in creative and he’s blarting because there are too many Google Slides to make. Well I don’t care. I’m broken.

If I sound dramatic, then good. I can’t stop clenching my teeth, my hands shake, I get headaches every day, I can’t sleep. It’s been months of this and I’ve finally made it to a week off. I can finally see my mum and dad (it’s been 18 months). I can lie back and do nothing. I can work to rid my mind of its twisted Fantasia  — cursors dancing with ‘unsupported image type’ notifications, to an endless soundtrack of Slack‘s click-clack.

Yes I’m lucky to have a job. No I’m not doing any worthy like a nurse. But it’s still okay to admit when you feel bad right?

A consequence of misery has been fewer posts on here. I’m not losing interest, it’s just been beyond impossible to find the time. Anyway, I’m back, staring down the barrel of a week off and looking at these insanely cool suede shoes from Toga.

I would, quite literally, like to buy these today, but I, quite literally, cannot. At £360 they’d put too deep a dent in my purse too early in the month. But if you’re feeling flush, I suggest you provide the appropriate authorisations to Paypal immediately.

Look at that toothy sole  — they look positively Jurassic. I’m also really digging the restrained use of the Toga signature silver studding on the heel. Just enough to say Toga, not enough to make you feel like Reba McEntire. To me they look like a Clarks special edition for a Michael Jackson video (you know, if he wasn’t a dead pedophile.)

I’m simultaneously all about this life, and not. Can’t afford. Love them three thousand. Damn my stupid existence. I finally get a breather from work and then realise I don’t have the money to buy unnecessary shoes. Will this purgatory ever end?

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